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The centre began in 1966 and has achieved almost 3500 rallies since then. This year we have various types of rallies with numerous exciting weekends, holiday rallies and even a hotel event. Why not checkout our 2019 Rally list to see what’s going on, there is something for everyone. 



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If when running your rally you discover some centre equipment is faulty, or an item is missing, please report it to a member of the committee. The Chairman's representative is always available.

Once the committee know of faulty equipment steps can be taken to correct the matter. The same applies if an item is broken on your rally. Do not leave it for the next rally officer to report as it could ruin their rally! 

 If at any time you see incorrect information or any mistakes made then please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Willy Scott)



BAE Systems Rally Forms
16 Apr 2019 07:25

BAE Systems Rally Forms now available for download.

New Rally Return Form.
16 Apr 2019 07:23

New Rally Return Form...... Download

Items For Sale
31 Mar 2019 15:14

Check out our For Sale page, lots of new items.   If you have anything caravan related you wa [ ... ]

Whittley Village Hall Rally
06 Mar 2019 19:59

Whittley Village Hall Rally forms now available for download.

Old Glasson Spring Bank Rally Forms.
04 Mar 2019 18:42

Old Glasson Spring Bank Rally Forms now available for download.

Charity Rally
16 Feb 2019 20:15

The Charity Rally forms are now available for download.

Dinner Dance 2019
07 Feb 2019 22:03

Check out the pictures from this years Dinner Dance.

Dinner Dance/Rally 2020
05 Feb 2019 21:34

There has been a mistake in the Centre Handbook, the 2020 Dinner Dance will be held on the 1st Febru [ ... ]

Hollingworth Lake Rally
04 Feb 2019 14:56

Hollingworth Lake Rally forms now available for download.

The Whittingham Club Rally.
10 Jan 2019 00:00

The Whittingham Club Rally forms are now available for Download.