South Lancashire Centre Caravan and Motorhome Club

Chairman’s Report to the 2022 AGM,

Date 1st October 2022

Chairman’s report

It is nice to be able to deliver my second report to this the 56th AGM as the Chairman of the South Lancashire Centre (SLCC), and in doing so I would like to thank on by own behalf and I am sure I speak for all members present this afternoon your Committee for the work put in to running the Centre month after month. I am sure also that I speak for all the members of the Committee in saying how meeting on the E-system Zoom has made Committee meetings much easier to attend and less time consuming in our busy lives.

It would be most inappropriate if at this point I did not also mention by name and thank the Partners for their help and support during the last year,

Mrs. Suzanne Livesey; Mrs. Jean Lee; Mrs. Dolores Merry; Mrs. Heather Buckley, and Mrs Christine Scott………Thank you Ladies your support is very much appreciated.

My next vote of thanks is attributed to our Web Master Mr. Willy Scott for the work that he does week in and week out to keep the Web site functioning and up to date, thank you Willy for your work and support it is very much appreciated by all members of the South Lancashire Centre.

My final vote of thanks at this point is to our two Charity Chair Ladies who have worked tirelessly over this last 12 months, Mrs Heather Buckley and Mrs Jean Lee ably supported by Mr Colin Buckley and Mr Tony Lee who between them have for the chosen charity raised money by undertaking various initiatives which include but are not restricted to organising the raffle at the dinner dance, a bungee jump by Colin, making and selling jam, selling books and organising the charity rally together on many rallies with the help of Football cards and the Bonus ball.

The Charity as we will all recall is Child Action Northwest……the Charity supports children to end family cycles of deprivation, drug and alcohol abuse, lack of self esteem, youth crime, teenage pregnancies and broken families.

I shall now ask Heather and Jean to share with us the total to date that our chosen charity has raised, Ladies please can you update us’

Bungee Jump (giving page) £1000.00; General Charity Fund Raising £1944.44, total £2944.44; Thank you Heather and Jean for your sterling work it is very much appreciated, and to the members of the South Lancashire Centre Thank you for your contributions and support.


I shall now like to reflect on the year that we have had in terms of the South Lancashire Centre, our caravanning year was still haunted by the Global Pandemic. As your Chairman I was asked to join the Committee of the Northern Regional Council along with our Vice Chairman Mr Barrie Livesey and to take the Chair of the Festival of the North Committee, where we very successful with the running of the event at Southport during the Easter Period 2022 I will say more about that later



I would also like to say what a testing year it was for us all at the start with Covid 19; however we still managed to get out and enjoy our favourite pastime. The spring and summer have been excellent with the weather set fair and plenty of sunshine and rallies filling up. Looking back what a year we have had, and I would just at this point like to reflect on what I consider to be some of the highlight of the last 12 months.

Children’s Rally Halloween; Hotel weekend Lytham St Anne’s, The Southport Pantomime; The Dinner Dance; Festival of the North at Southport where we showed all comers what the South Lancashire Centre can do and at this point and I have said it before my /our special thanks should go to Barrie Livesey who took up the post of Rally Officer FON, to Suzanne and Susan (for being FON widows) your Committee and for the rest of Team South Lancashire for the work that was put into making the rally the success it was.(258 units attended the Rally)

It was also at this rally that Lynn and Sam Jackson celebrated their 1000 rally with the Centre

Continuing my looking back at the past year we went to Ambleside the weather was great, Children’s Rally BEA System with grass skirts and cocktails and games a plenty what fun!!!!!

The Charity Rally at Cabus which was a great success with some good fund raising achieved

The Scarborough Holiday Rally and of course our recent holiday rally with the visit to York.



In terms of the total Membership of the centre we have currently 1259 members which transposes into just over 600 family units and I can report that we have slight dipped in our centre membership from last year where we recorded 1395 member a loss of just over 10.20% in the year AGM 2021 to AGM 2022..


Now this coming year 2022-2023 is the year where fund raising is devoted to our Partners and Children and I am aware the Mrs Jane Leyland as the Junior Liaison Officer of the Centre has a number of ideas where she wishes with her small group of Young Persons and her enthusiastic team of adult members of the Centre to raise funds in order to develop our younger section and encourage more young people to get involved with the centre, and I do hope that we can all assist Jane wherever possible.


Well Ladies and Gentleman thank you for listening and that concludes my report, I will if I can answer any questions on my report or the South Lancashire Centre in general.


Roger Higson



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